Trust Wave1 to Supply and Install your Wireless Point to Point Link


Make instant and clear communication simple with a wireless point to point link.

At Wave1, we’re an experienced supplier and installer of wireless microwave data transfer technology, and our unlicensed microwave backhaul is one of our most popular products because you don’t need a permit to set one up. Keep reading below to learn more about this high-in-demand wireless outdoor bridge.

Wireless Point to Point

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Wireless Point to Point Links

The following errors people make when setting up wireless outdoor bridges highlight why it’s crucial to choose a highly experienced installer for the task:

  • Setting up microwave communications with the wrong frequency: If you choose the wrong frequency for your unlicensed microwave backhaul, and you can expect to have problems with interference from external networks. At Wave1, we always conduct thorough site and frequency surveys to make sure interruptions to your communications are never an issue, which is why we have the trust of clients ranging from state governments and multi-site medical facilities for over three decades.
  • Disregarding the need to bypass solid objects: Microwave frequencies can’t pass through solid objects, yet they’re still suitable for long-distance communication and data transfer requirements. We can set up your wireless outdoor bridge to bound signals between multiple nodes, ensuring solid objects never block your ability to transfer data. Thanks to our site surveys, we know how to install the most suitable and dependable wireless point to point network for your requirements.
  • Choosing an alternative type of data transfer that’s prone to problems: Some people choose fibre optic solutions over unlicensed microwave backhauls believing them to be more dependable, but that’s not always the case. We have wireless links that have been in place for decades.

Related Services We Provide to Wireless Point to Point Links

At Wave1, some of our most highly sought-after services include:

  • Licensed microwave links: Our unlicensed wireless point to point links are in high demand because we can install them for just about any organisation without having to obtain any permits. However, if data security is a necessity and you can’t afford to risk anybody being able to interfere with your signals, you might want to opt for a licensed microwave link, which ensures only you can use your unique frequency.
  • 24/7 line monitoring: Even though problems with our solutions are rare, it’s crucial to know that we can fix them before they cause any harm to your business, which is why we offer 24/7 line monitoring as part of our standard service.
  • Site acquisition surveys: Do you need to acquire space to install nodes or your central wireless point to point infrastructure? We can liaise with the relevant authorities on your behalf.

Why Trust Wave1 Regarding Wireless Point to Point Links

We’ve remained at the forefront of our industry for over 30 years, and despite our fast turnaround times, vast client base and reliable service, we are one of the most affordable companies in our industry. We’re available around the clock and have a team of engineers that can rectify problems without delay. Call your local office to book a consultation, during which we’ll discuss your unique needs, arrange a site visit and provide a quote.