Wireless Data Communication by Wave1 Explained


Eliminate disruptions to your network with wireless data communication.

How many times have you experienced problems with your fibre optic solution? Issues can arise for all sorts of reasons, including loss of connectivity, damage to underground cables and lack of bandwidth. Fortunately, you can eliminate all those problems by switching to a microwave communication system. At Wave1, we’re a leading Australian supplier and installer of wireless solutions, and we can handle ongoing maintenance so that you can minimise business downtime and protect your bottom line.

Wireless Data Communication

Tips for Getting More Value out of Wireless Data Communication

Our mission is to remain the most cost-effective provider of microwave data communications in Australia, and because we offer 24/7 line monitoring as part of our service, we can repair problems without delay to ensure you can always continue doing business. Here are a few ways how you can extract the maximum value from our solutions:

  • Choose a licensed microwave link solution: Because you need to obtain a permit to operate a licensed system, the setup costs can be higher than if you choose an unlicensed network. However, with a licensed package, you can minimise the risk of interference because only you can transmit data using your unique frequency, allowing you to work without disruption. After all, business downtime could cost your company thousands of dollars.
  • Allow us to complete a site assessment: One of the best ways to save money, in the long run, is to ensure the installer you choose sets up your wireless data communication solution correctly the first time, which is why we always perform a comprehensive site assessment before completing the installation. We’ll make sure that solid objects and external signals never prevent you from operating.
  • Contact an experienced supplier and installer: It’s crucial to choose a microwave data communications provider that knows what they’re doing, minimising the risk of costly problems from arising. We’ve been helping clients ranging from state governments to medical institutions for over 30 years, and seeing as we’re still a market leader, we must be doing something right.

Related Services We Provide to Wireless Data Communication

The supply and installation of microwave data communications in Australia is just one of the services we provide at Wave1. Our offering also includes:

  • Frequency surveys: We’ll carry out a thorough frequency survey so that we can ensure we select the correct one for your microwave data transfer solution. Only your organisation will be able to communicate with your system provided you choose us for the installation.
  • Ongoing maintenance and support: We remain your partner long after the initial setup. Whenever you have questions or need help, we’ll be by your side.
  • 24/7 remote link monitoring: Because we keep track of your solution around the clock, we can repair problems before they cause any damage to your business.

What Customer Stands to Lose if They Don’t Use Wave1

While you could opt for a fibre optic solution to communicate between multiple locations, you can never predict when problems may arise with underground cable breakages or your internet provider. Choose us for microwave data communications, and there will be no wires to worry about, and you can feel confident that help is never far away thanks to our 24/7 monitoring service. Call your local office to find out how we can assist you.