Choose Wave1 for Your Wireless Backhaul Solution


Transmit substantial quantities of data between buildings with wireless backhaul.

Do you operate in multiple locations with the need to transmit data between them all? Backhaul microwave solutions make network maintenance simple. With a wireless backhaul link, you don’t need to rely on systems with underground cables that are vulnerable to damage. There’s also virtually no limit to the amount of data you can transmit. For all requirements related to backhaul microwave solutions, you needn’t look further than Wave1.

Wireless Backhaul

What You Can Expect from Wave1 Regarding Wireless Backhaul

With wireless backhaul solutions, you can transmit communication data from nodes or end users to a central infrastructure at high speeds and without interference. At Wave1, we offer:

  • Site assessments and terrain profiling: It’s crucial to assess the unique needs of your business to design a suitable communications system that will function with zero disruption. For example, microwaves can’t pass through solid objects, but they can be ‘bounced’ around objects to ensure interference never becomes an issue. Through site assessments and terrain profiling, we can design a suitable, durable and reliable backhaul microwave solution to meet your requirements.
  • Frequency surveys and liaising with local authorities: Selecting the correct frequency for your solution ensures other networks can’t disrupt yours, which requires cooperation with local authorities. We’ll speak with the relevant organisations on your behalf, which is essential if you want a licensed network, allowing you to relax while we do the hard work to connect your locations.
  • Network design, the supply of equipment and installation: For over 30 years, we’ve remained at the cutting-edge of microwave communication technology. We manufacture our hardware, design networks, supply all the equipment you need and install your solution to the highest standards.

Related Services We Provide to Wireless Backhaul

Here’s a brief breakdown of the services we offer to clients ranging from educational institutions to local government organisations:

  • Licensed microwave links: With a licensed communication network, you can eliminate the risk of any other system interfering with yours. While licensed solutions are essential in certain circumstances, installing them requires us to obtain permission from the relevant authorities.
  • Unlicensed microwave links: You don’t need to be given the go-ahead to install an unlicensed solution. Thanks to our wealth of experience in installing wireless networks, we can set up a system for you that won’t experience interruption from other solutions.
  • Ongoing maintenance and support: Should you experience any problems with your backhaul microwave solutions, you can expect us to rectify the situation without delay, causing minimal downtime for your business or organisation.

What Clients Stand to Lose if They Don’t Use Wave1

At Wave1, we’ve maintained a reputation for excellence for over three decades thanks to our pioneering technologies and commitment to customer care. In addition to the supply and installation of wireless backhaul networks, we offer remote monitoring around the clock, something many of our competitors lack the resources to do, allowing us to keep your system up and running continuously and rectify issues almost instantaneously. If you want to learn more about the benefits of backhaul microwave solutions, contact your local office or send us an email.