Wireless Solutions, Site Surveys & Path Calculations

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Wave1 have been successfully designing and installing wireless solutions for over 30 Years. In order to successfully install a cost effective wireless microwave link, Line of Sight must be achieved. Wave1’s highly experienced team of engineers and pre-sales staff have the required skills, experience and training to assist our customers from conceptual network design, through to the installation and commissioning of our solutions. By carrying out the necessary site surveys, Wave1 can accurately predict if the proposed design can be implemented without obstruction. Path calculations are also conducted during the design stage to ensure the required link availability can be achieved in all weather conditions using correct frequencies and antenna sizes, as well as making sure customer’s bandwidth requirements are able to be met.

Seamless wireless solutions with Wave1

Wave1 leverages over three decades of experience to provide professional end-to-end wireless solutions. Our dedicated team ensures your project’s success from design to deployment, focusing on precise site surveys and path calculations for optimal network performance. Contact us today to enhance your wireless capabilities.


What Is a wireless site survey, and why is it essential?

A wireless site survey assesses a location to ensure a wireless network’s optimal setup and performance. It identifies the best spots for access points to guarantee strong coverage, making it crucial for efficient wireless solutions.

How do path calculations impact the performance of a wireless network?

Path calculations determine the signal routes between access points and devices, affecting network reliability and speed. They consider obstacles and signal strength to enhance connectivity and user experience.

Can site surveys and path calculations be done remotely?

Yes, many site surveys and path calculations can be performed remotely using software to simulate network performance. A physical survey might still be necessary for accuracy, especially in complex spaces.

What are common challenges faced during wireless site surveys?

Challenges include physical barriers that affect the signal, interference from other devices and varied building designs. These factors can make it difficult to ensure complete network coverage.

How often should wireless site surveys be conducted for optimal performance?

Site surveys should be reperformed with significant environmental or network changes and ideally reviewed annually. This helps in adapting to changes and maintaining network efficiency.