Licensed Microwave Systems

Licensed Microwave Systems

Licensed Microwave Technology offers a no interference guarantee to make sure you get the performance we calculate year in and year out.
Our licensed solutions offer high speed, long distance, privacy and a robustness ideal for both large and small organisations.
Our licensed solutions are offered from 8Ghz through to 38Ghz depending on the link path and performance requirements. When we design your link in consultation with you we take into account your path and frequency space to make sure you get the right Microwave System in the right frequency best suited to fulfil your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is microwave backhaul?

Microwave Backhaul is the term used for low latency Microwave Links that connects or joins networks/sites together, carrying Data, Voice, Video and other traffic destined for smaller networks and end user nodes. WiFi systems are limited in the distance and volume of information they can transmit, that is why they are often only used for internal networking within a building or structure or lower capacity external links. The range, capacity, latency, equipment quality and distance of Backhaul links is far superior to WiFi systems.

What is licensed microwave?

Licensed Microwave systems or links are where frequencies are coordinated based on location(s), equipment specifications and other systems in the area. Frequencies and polarisations are then assigned specifically to the equipment at each location by the ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) for a yearly fee. When an organisation purchases a Licensed system, they are offered protection against interference through the coordination process which results in link performance at 100% of the design capability.

  • MV880Plus

    The MV880Plus is a Full Diplex Microwave Link. A Point to Point System with no requirement for indoor rack space. The MV880Plus ODU direct mounts to the required Antenna Specifications. Adaptive Modulation sees the MV880Plus capable of 4 through to 4096-QAM.

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  • MV830

    The MV830 is a fully licensed state-of-the-art link.  With throughputs in excess of 2Gbps on a single link the MV830 is ideal for backhaul, data-demanding applications.  The MV830 is a compact 1 rack Indoor Unit, configured with one or two modems, supporting 1+0/1+1/2+0. Partnering with one Outdoor unit directly attached to the required antenna.

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  • MV400

    The MV400 is an Ethernet Point to Point Microwave Communications system.  This is a full split system with an ODU (Outdoor Unit) and IDU (Indoor Unit).

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  • MV420

    The MV420 is a full POE (Power over Ethernet) Point to Point outdoor Microwave Communications system offering a single GB Ethernet interface. This allows for ease of installation and simplifies cabling requirements.

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