Full Duplex 70/80GHz Self Co-Ordinated Microwave System

The EB1080 is a Self Co-Ordinated Microwave Point to Point System.  Achieving 10Gbps (1+0) or up to 20Gbps (2+0) throughput. The EB1080 can be used to build a 10G backbone network instead of fibre or as part of a fibre backbone ring where fibre is difficult to deploy.  An all-in-one Outdoor Unit incorporating a five port GigE switch – (1) 10G SFP, (2) 2.5G SFP, (1) copper (POE), the EB1080 has zero rack space requirement.


The EB1080 series millimetre wave radio links represent a true milestone in radio link development.  Capable of carrying 10Gbps full duplex data.  The EB1080 is an advanced radio system that combines ultra high data rate and carrier-grade features.  For enterprise/government applications, the EB1080 system’s increased link capacity of 10Gbps will provide flexibility and protection against future bandwidth growth.


For added reliability, the user can deploy a 1+1 HSB configuration where a second redundant unit can be added by using a coupler. For increased link capacity, a 2+0 configuration can be used to transmit up to 20Gbps.  The adaptive modulation feature can be used to further protect the link in adverse RF conditions by progressively shifting the modulation from 256QAM to BPSK.