Compact, All-Outdoor Ethernet 70GHz Radio

Achieving 1.6Gbps aggregate capacity, while offering a complete set of Carrier Ethernet networking features.   The BX70 implements complex Ethernet distribution network topologies without the need for an external switch.  Directly mounted to a 60cm parabolic antenna the BX70 is in an all Outdoor Self Co-ordinated Licensed System.

The BX70 is a compact all-outdoor Ethernet high-capacity radio, operating in the self coordinated 71-76Ghz Frequency Range. With the ability to achieve over 1.6Gbps throughput, the BX70, is truly Fibre Capacity.  Using TDD duplexing mode, which can be set and controlled through the setting of the radio, packet transfers and throughput rates can vary for each site.   This mode can, Time-Wise, allocate the use of the spectral resource in a way that it optimally matches the downlink/uplink traffic profile.  This improves the link spectral efficiency, with respect to FDD systems, for the delivery of services with asymmetric traffic profiles.  The radio features two Gigabit Ethernet ports and an embedded Ethernet Bridge enabling deployment flexibility in complex network topologies.  The BX70 is ideal for Last-Mile delivery of wireless Gigabit to the Home (GTTH), delivery of Broadband service to enterprises and Multi-Dwelling Units, connectivity for government/public service buildings, utilities & industrial complexes, IP camera backhaul and Wi-Fi access point backhaul.