Exploring the Potential Value in Deploying Point To Point Microwave Link Systems for Your Business in Australia


For businesses, a point to point microwave link can be revolutionary.

Others can benefit, too. Educational institutions, Mine Sites, hospitals, and many more operations can all unlock the next generation of networking through microwave point to point systems. Consider two office campuses for the same business located some distance apart, for example. Both locations have a separate network, and sharing information between them can be slow or tedious. A microwave link allows for the establishment of one unified network between the two locations — instantly boosting productivity and flexibility.

Point to Point Microwave Link

How You Can Get the Most Value From a Point to Point Microwave Link

At Wave1, we’ve made it our mission for more than three decades to help operations like yours take advantage of the latest advances in communications technology. As your point to point microwave link provider in Australia, we can help you make the most of your investment. We can accomplish this by helping you to:

  • Discover critical information through a line of sight (LOS) survey. Allow our staff to assess the needs of your business and to survey the systems necessary for achieving the correct outcomes.
  • Explore how to integrate a point to point microwave link into your existing IT setup. A new communications system should slot in seamlessly to your current operations, not act as a disruptive force.
  • Use turnkey solutions that minimise the amount of time and energy necessary for success. Business keeps on going even when you’re making upgrades; we understand how to enable your continued operation while bringing the new system online.

What You Can Expect from Wave1’s Microwave Point to Point Systems

Our high stock levels ensure that we always have the appropriate hardware on hand to execute a project to client specifications with a rapid turnaround time. Beyond such speedy service, you can also expect:

  • A consummate service defined with professionalism. From initial design consultations to full-scale deployment, we put customer satisfaction first at every stage of the job.
  • Access to long-term support and maintenance after deployment. Questions after installation are common, and issues can develop because of operational changes, environmental factors, and more. We don’t sell a system and vanish; we remain available for assistance.
  • Complete support through a range of solutions, including licensed and unlicensed setups. Choosing the appropriate power level for a point to point microwave linkcan be tricky. However, we understand how to navigate the selection process for you.

At Wave1, we also understand that downtime is not an option for many businesses. In a world of 24/7 connectivity, the need to augment systems must dovetail with operational requirements. Our experienced professionals not only have access to a broad array of in-stock hardware but also can effectively execute installation with a minimum of client-side involvement or disruption.

Our cost-effective approach to services allows you to tap into the power of a point to point microwave link in Australia with ease. To find out more about how we can equip your business for fast, seamless communications, reach out to our team today.