Engineering Service to suit your needs

Service to suit your needs

With a full Engineering department, Wave1 ensure the right people are involved from the very beginning of each project. Our engineering team looks at each system and goes through best possible wireless communications design. Every project will begin with the same questions… What set up will give the customer the very best link? The highest throughput…. What set up will require the least amount of infrastructure but not negatively affect throughput? What is the “right” way to install, with the least amount of disturbance to the end users?
Our Engineers always begin this process by conducting Path Calculations and Site Survey. Site Surveys conducted by training professional staff dramatically reduce the room for errors and surprises during install, meaning customers know exactly what is going to happen and how.
Installing and Commissioning is generally managed by the same team, which means they know everything there is to know about your Wireless Microwave Communications Link.
Our trained Engineers are not able to identify when a mast/pole is required for a project but also design and manufacture bespoke metal work. We are able to produce Masts, Poles, Monopoles, Towers etc specific to the requirements on hand.

Installations & Commissioning

Every link installed by Wave1 is installed by a wireless installation expert. We ensure that our clients have minimal disruption by making sure we fully plan and organise every detail of our work before we start onsite.

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Site Surveys & Path Calculations

Before any goods are quoted or any solutions are discussed Wave1 conduct Path Calculations and Site Surveys so we can guarantee a Wave1 Microwave system is the right choice for your organisation.

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When it comes to infrastructure design Wave1 are able to determine the best possible design and manufacture the right metal work for each application. From Mobile Trailers, ideal for Mines and Greenfield Sites, to bespoke…

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