Mast Construction & Communications Infrastructure

Communications Infrastructure Design and Manufacturing

At Wave1, we specialise in the tailored design and fabrication of communications infrastructure. We approach each mast construction project with precision to deliver the best possible outcome.

Our expertise extends to creating bespoke metal works suited for a variety of applications, from mobile trailers that are perfect for mining operations and greenfield sites, to custom-designed masts, towers and poles. Using state-of-the-art computer design software, our team of highly skilled professionals is equipped to construct, innovate and manufacture mast construction solutions catering to both licensed and unlicensed microwave communications needs.

Comprehensive Communications Infrastructure Services

Operating your own wireless microwave wide area network, enhanced by our mast construction and infrastructure services, offers noticeable benefits to businesses and city councils. Our services address both the data management and operational cost aspects of running a wireless microwave wide area network (WAN). There is no need to configure cumbersome VPN servers and issue client certificates or lay kilometres of cables or be prepared for frequent repairs when sidewalks are dug up. We provide end-to-end support, from detailed configuration and integration of routers to ensure seamless site interconnectivity, to the installation of the infrastructure itself along with any necessary supporting hardware.

What You Can Expect From Us Regarding Communications Infrastructure

We assist with the detailed configuration and integration of the necessary routers to interconnect your various sites, always using the best of proven technology. Our most outstanding service is that we also install the communications infrastructure and the supporting hardware.

  • Towers and masts. Specialising in mast construction, we design and manufacture bespoke towers and masts for each client. Our experienced engineers will determine which option will provide years of low-maintenance service and construct the tower or mast using our workshop.
  • Complete site construction. We can design and construct the entire site for supporting our towers, including solar panels and security fences. We also assist with determining the optimal location of the transceivers, thereby ensuring the network operates at peak throughput, with mast construction playing a key role in the overall setup.
  • Trailers. Sometimes you only need temporary access for a few days or weeks to the WAN from a remote site, which makes the erection of a tower a prohibitive expense. For this reason, we have designed our unique communications trailers, which we configure according to your specific needs, powered by solar panels and the optimal height of the integrated mast.
New Maintenance

About Wave1 As Your Communications Infrastructure Partner

We have offices in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, and undertake mast construction and communications infrastructure work anywhere in Australia. We are not only interested in new installations but are always willing to maintain our work with 24/7 monitoring of the state of the system and regular inspections of the hardware, towers and masts.

With over thirty five years in the telecommunications industry, our seasoned technicians specialise in the installation of communications infrastructure, including mast construction. We understand that the optimal functioning of equipment is not simply about the monetary input but more about the free flow of essential business data between departments and field sites.

By choosing Wave1 for your wireless microwave wide area network setup, you're selecting a partner dedicated to the seamless operation of your communications infrastructure.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Wave1 offer?

At Wave1, we specialise in the design, manufacturing and installation of communications infrastructure, including tower, pole and mast construction. We also offer complete site construction, solar power solutions and bespoke communications trailers for temporary access needs.

How does Wave1 ensure the optimal functioning of their installations?

We focus on the seamless operation of your communications network by utilising the best of proven technology, detailed system configuration and integration, along with our expert mast construction and installation practices.

What distinguishes Wave1’s approach to mast construction?

Our mast construction process sets a high standard for quality and reliability in the telecommunications industry. We employ advanced engineering practices and materials to design masts that meet the specific needs of each project and ensure long-term durability and stability. Our experienced engineers oversee every stage of construction, from initial design to final installation, guaranteeing that our masts provide optimal support for wireless communications infrastructure with minimal maintenance requirements.