Mast Construction & Communications Infrastructure


When it comes to communications infrastructure design, Wave1 are able to determine the best possible design and manufacture the right metal work for each application. From Mobile Trailers, ideal for Mines and Greenfield Sites, to bespoke Mast, Towers, Poles etc. Our staff uses the very best computer design programs and are highly qualified to build, create, and manufacture. Whether its for a Licensed or Unlicensed Microwave, the infrastructure is equally important.

  • Trailers

    Sometimes communications networks are impossible for Mines and Greenfield site, as electricity isn’t even an option.  Wave1 recognised this hurdle to design and manufacture a Solar Powered trailer, which includes storage ability, monopole and can…

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  • Mast/Poles

    Choosing the right type of Mast is integral to the longevity of any installation.  90% of our Clients will require some sort of Mast or Pole for the mounting of Wireless Antennae.  Proper pole manufacturing…

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  • Towers

    Choosing the right type of Tower is integral to the longevity of any installation. Our Engineering staff are highly experienced, with over 20 years of in field hands on time, giving them the knowledge and…

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Communications Infrastructure

Communications Infrastructure is About Data and Operating Cost

Operating your own wireless microwave wide area network offers noticeable benefits to businesses and city councils who wish to interconnect several buildings or temporary sites. There is no need to configure cumbersome VPN servers and issue client certificates or lay kilometres of cables or be prepared for frequent repairs when sidewalks are dug up. We can assist your IT department with the correct communications infrastructure for optimal and transparent WAN operation.

What You Can Expect From Us Regarding Communications Infrastructure

We assist with the detailed configuration and integration of the necessary routers to interconnect your various sites, always using the best of proven technology. Our most outstanding service is that we also install the communications infrastructure and the supporting hardware.

  • Towers and masts. We design and manufacture bespoke towers and masts for each client. Our experienced engineers will determine which option will provide years of low-maintenance service and construct the tower or mast using our workshop.
  • Complete site construction. We can design and construct the entire site for supporting our towers, including solar panels and security fences. We also assist with determining the optimal location of the transceivers, thereby ensuring the network operates at peak throughput.
  • Trailers. Sometimes you only need temporary access for a few days or weeks to the WAN from a remote site, which makes the erection of a tower a prohibitive expense. For this reason, we have designed our unique communications trailers, which we configure according to your specific needs, powered by solar panels and the optimal height of the integrated mast.

About Wave1 As Your Communications Infrastructure Partner

We have offices in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, and undertake communications infrastructure work anywhere in Australia. We are not only interested in new installations but are always willing to maintain our work with 24/7 monitoring of the state of the system and regular inspections of the hardware, towers and masts.

We have been in the telecommunications business for over thirty years, and most of our technicians have been installing communications infrastructure for over 15 years with Wave1. We understand that the optimal functioning of equipment is not simply about the monetary input but more about the free flow of essential business data between departments and field sites.

Simply put, you cannot go wrong by entrusting us with your wireless microwave wide area network setup.