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Wave 1 have an extensive range of wireless connectivity products suitable for most applications.

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Licensed Microwave Systems

Licensed Microwave Systems

Licensed Microwave Technology offers a no interference guarantee to make sure you get the performance we calculate year in and year out.
Our licensed solutions offer high speed, long distance, privacy and a robustness ideal for both large and small organisations.
Our licensed solutions are offered from 8Ghz through to 38Ghz depending on the link path and performance requirements. When we design your link in consultation with you we take into account your path and frequency space to make sure you get the right Microwave System in the right frequency best suited to fulfil your requirements.

  • MV420

    The MV420 is a full POE (Power over Ethernet) Point to Point outdoor Microwave Communications system offering a single GB Ethernet interface. This allows for ease of installation and simplifies cabling requirements.

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  • MV830

    The MV830 is a fully licensed state-of-the-art link.  With throughputs in excess of 2Gbps on a single link the MV830 is ideal for backhaul, data-demanding applications.  The MV830 is a compact 1 rack Indoor Unit, configured with one or two modems, supporting 1+0/1+1/2+0. Partnering with one Outdoor unit directly attached to the required antenna.

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  • MV880Plus

    The MV880Plus is a Full Diplex Microwave Link. A Point to Point System with no requirement for indoor rack space. The MV880Plus ODU direct mounts to the required Antenna Specifications. Adaptive Modulation sees the MV880Plus capable of 4 through to 4096-QAM.

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Self Co-Ordinated Licensed Systems

Self Co-Ordinated Licensed Systems

Self Co-ordinated licensed equipment is primarily used for short haul Point to Point links in High Density areas. These licenses allow for very high bandwidth over shorter distances. We offer equipment in 60, 70 and 80Ghz ranges to give our clients greater flexibility and allow our clients multi Gigabit Ethernet links with low licence costs.

  • BX70

    Achieving 1.6Gbps aggregate capacity, while offering a complete set of Carrier Ethernet networking features. The BX70 implements complex Ethernet distribution network topologies without the need for an external switch. Directly mounted to a 60cm parabolic antenna the BX70 is in an all Outdoor Self Co-ordinated Licensed System.

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  • FX80

    Operating in the E-Band 71-76/81-86GHz Range the FX80 is uniquely suited for Ultra High capacity and extended range requirements.  Being categorised as a Class License/Self Co-Ordinated License Radio makes the FX80 a cost-effective fibre alternative…

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  • GX80

    Achieving throughputs of up to 10Gbps Full Duplex, while offering a complete set of network and packet Frequency and Phase synchronization features.  The GX80 uses a narrower channel, making it ideal for denser link deployments…

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License Free Radio Links

License Free Radio Links

In Australia License Free or Unlicensed Radio links appear in the 5.8GHz and 2.4GHz radio Band. They offer long distances and quite reasonable throughput rates, any where up to several hundred Mbps. Ideal for low use radio air space regions, where distance is important these links eliminate annual Telco fees and overall cost for communications between sites.

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When it comes to infrastructure design Wave1 are able to determine the best possible design and manufacture the right metal work for each application. From Mobile Trailers, ideal for Mines and Greenfield Sites, to bespoke Mast, Towers, Poles etc. Our staff use the very best computer design programs and are highly qualified to build, create, and manufacture. Whether its for a Licensed or Unlicensed Microwave the infrastructure is equally important.

Enhance Your Wireless Backhaul With Wave1

Wave1 revolutionises wireless backhaul systems, ensuring seamless, high-speed connectivity across multiple sites. For over 30 years, we’ve excelled in providing custom wireless solutions, from administrative offices to expansive mining sites. Our expertise in network design, line-of-sight accuracy and infrastructure manufacturing positions us as leaders in wireless microwave communications. Wave1’s robust solutions replace traditional, costly methods, granting clients full ownership of network equipment and slashing annual communication fees. Partner with Wave1 to transform your wireless backhaul capabilities. Enquire now for a tailored solution​​.


How does wireless backhaul differ from traditional wired backhaul?

Unlike wired backhaul that relies on cables, wireless backhaul uses radio frequencies for data transmission, offering flexibility and ease of deployment, especially in areas where laying cables is impractical.

What are the primary components of a wireless backhaul network?

The primary components of a wireless backhaul network are antennas, transmitters, receivers, network routers or switches, power sources and alignment tools. These elements are essential for efficient and reliable data transmission and reception, ensuring seamless connectivity across the network.

What are the advantages of using wireless backhaul for network connectivity?

Wireless backhaul offers rapid deployment, scalability and lower initial infrastructure costs. It’s especially beneficial in areas where physical cable installation is challenging or costly.

What are the key challenges and considerations when implementing wireless backhaul solutions?

Challenges with these systems include ensuring signal strength over long distances, overcoming physical obstacles and managing interference from other wireless devices. Proper planning and using the right technology are crucial for successful implementation.