Using Microwave Radio Links to Connect Offices Through Wireless Communications


For challenging network expansions, consider microwave data links.

For businesses, industrial operations, and even local councils, fast and effective communications are the bedrock on which all daily activities rest. Whether it is enabling conferences between teams located in different buildings, transmitting mission-critical data for analysis, or another purpose, reliable connectivity is essential. Sometimes, though, traditional fibre connections are difficult or particularly costly to make between disparate locations. Microwave radio links deployed by Wave1 offer a balanced solution to this problem.

Microwave Radio Links

Wave1 Provides All Aspects of Service for Microwave Radio Links

Alongside providing a leading service in supplying the appropriate hardware for setting up microwave radio links between your business premises, Wave1 has many other capabilities. These include:

  • Complete systems engineering providing for hassle-free turnkey installations. From conducting initial site surveys to identifying the correct hardware solutions and on through the erection of crucial infrastructure, Wave1 can handle every step of the process. Clients can easily take a hands-off approach after identifying their needs.
  • A robust maintenance department ready and able to flex to your needs. From monthly monitoring reports to help track the health of your microwave radio links to on-site maintenance to address persistent issues, our responsive maintenance allows us to develop long-term relationships.
  • Infrastructure design and deployment, allowing for more complex and high-power systems. Choosing from masts, towers, and other infrastructure is made simpler thanks to Wave1’s in-house abilities in this area.

Avoiding Common Mistakes in Deploying Microwave Radio Links

Wireless microwave communications may be a mature industry, but that doesn’t mean that the best solutions are all common knowledge. Many businesses find that there are some troublesome pitfalls to avoid to use these systems successfully. Avoid mistakes such as:

  • Failing to account for urban density or natural obstructions. Because these systems depend on a clear “line of sight” from the transmitter to the receiver and back again, not every location is suitable for microwave hardware. It’s vital to survey the available area before deciding.
  • Choosing a system underpowered for your day-to-day operational requirements. Microwave systems can reach very high frequencies, allowing for fast transmissions to come in loud and clear; the key difference to consider is the hardware’s licence class. Avoid choosing a system that won’t be able to deliver the performance you need in a pinch.
  • Missing out on the opportunity for a “future proof” system. While technology evolves at a dizzying rate, Wave1 works hard to ensure that clients have access to solutions that will not only work well today but provide room for growth later.

With the aid of Wave1’s experienced professionals, deploying a system that ticks all the right boxes is a straightforward affair. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore a fast, reliable way to link up many locations with microwave wireless communications. With options available for every level of need, this is an opportunity to solve a complex issue with little hassle. Find out how a microwave system can lay the groundwork for success today and in the future. To explore options for a partnership with Wave1, please contact us.