Enhance Your Wireless Connectivity with Microwave Link Installation


Get interference-free connections with a microwave link installation.

In today’s industries, keeping in contact is more important than ever. Fortunately, there are more effective and innovative ways to ensure that your communication happens no matter the conditions.

Microwave Link Installation

Benefits of Microwave Link Installation

Using Wave1’s microwave link installation technology offers several distinct advantages.

  • Receive ongoing support for your technology – if there are ever problems, our team will bring things back to functionality promptly.
  • Enjoy a turnkey communication system, as there’s nothing “do it yourself” about our microwave link installation and technical support.
  • Our team’s experience is measured in decades, with Wave1 being a consistent provider of cutting-edge technology for 30 years.

Problems Wave1 Addresses with Microwave Link Installation

Bring any situation under control with microwave communication technology.

  • Keep all aspects of your business connected regardless of cellular coverage and availability.
  • Avoid troublesome interference with licensed and unlicensed radio wave options depending on your locations.
  • Prevent on going and increasing Carrier line fees.

Regardless of the troubles that your business could face for communications and connectivity, a good microwave link installation will keep you up and running.

About Wave1

With over 30 years of experience, we have focused on providing our clients with a reliable and cost-effective means of wireless communication. In addition to sourcing and developing the best technology, we rely heavily on our professional and team-oriented staff to provide excellent solutions. Contact us today to find out how a microwave link installation can revolutionise your communications.