Lightning Fast Communication with Microwave Radio Link Equipment


Connect multiple sites effortlessly with microwave link equipment.

For businesses that need to coordinate across several locations at the same time, conventional approaches to communication can be cumbersome and unreliable. With Wave1’s microwave link equipment, you have a dedicated connection on which you can depend.

Microwave Link Equipment

What You Can Expect from Wave1 with Microwave Link Equipment

We provide more than just the equipment for your communication needs.

  • Turnkey Operations – From the first consult to ongoing support after installation, we give you a turnkey service. Keep things simple for your staff while reaping the benefits of connectivity.
  • Engineering and Maintenance – With two teams of engineers, we will install your microwave radio equipment and keep it running correctly afterwards.
  • Professional know-how – The technology may be complex, but your decision doesn’t have to be. We will provide you with comprehensible solutions using microwave link equipment that are customised for your needs.

Problems Microwave Link Equipment Addresses

Minimise randomness or changing conditions that could otherwise interfere with your operation.

  • Keep in communication with teams or facilities that are in remote locations with low reception.
  • Be in control of your connectivity without being at the mercy of local service providers at each location.
  • Maintain instantaneous communication for everyone on your team.

Microwave link equipment is the answer to all your connectivity concerns.

Why Wave1’s Microwave Link Equipment Is Cost-Effective

We believe in giving you wireless communication without interference. That means that your systems should function seamlessly, and so too should your ongoing maintenance. You get your money’s worth when you never have to worry about keeping your team connected. Contact us today to start a customised quote for your business.