Can Microwave Transmission Data Links Provide an Edge to Your Business in Australia?


Consider this: microwave data links can rival fibre’s dependability.

While a direct physical connection between locations is often the ideal for the most high-speed data transmission available, it isn’t always a viable option. Remote locations may not have fibre access, and running new cabling may be difficult or impossible in dense urban areas where multiple offices require a connection. In these scenarios, microwave data transmission has offered Australia the next best thing: reliable wireless connectivity at gigabit speed levels.

Tapping into the Benefits of Microwave Data Links with Wave1

Exploring the potential perks of using such a system for an operation is worth the time, as these systems can help to solve many IT challenges in a cost-effective manner. Partnering with Wave1 to develop microwave data links to suit your operational requirements allows you to tap into several benefits we offer, such as:

  • Years of experience. More than 30 years of continuous operation have allowed us to evolve and adapt to changing technologies, staying on the cutting edge while gathering the understanding necessary to engineer solutions to challenges.
  • A broad base of value-added microwave data transmission products. With our keen understanding of what operations in Australia require, we’ve developed hardware ideally suited to the conditions they’ll face.
  • In-house engineering and RF systems experience. While Wave1 also has far-reaching connections with leading industry vendors, we’ve also honed and developed our skills internally.

Making the Most of Your Investment in Microwave Data Links in Australia

When deciding to explore microwave data links as an alternative or supplement to fibre connections, your operation should be able to expect a solid return on its investment concerning reliability and convenience. To achieve those goals and extract more value from an installation, keep these tips in mind.

  • Understand the level of service you require. Do you need a basic unlicensed setup or multiple high-power links that will require some special license coordination? We can help answer these questions based on your level of need.
  • Take the time to understand the scenarios in which microwave data links work best in Australia. In some situations, wireless transmission won’t be the best choice, such as in a scenario where achieving true line of sight is difficult or impossible.
  • Put a plan in place for the long-term health of your system. Maintenance is an inevitability; Wave1 offers several strategies that can help prevent downtime in the future while keeping your infrastructure in top condition.

At Wave1, our ability to engineer effective microwave data links is virtually unparalleled. Consider some of our client case studies to explore situations in which we were able to tackle challenging scenarios and come up with solutions that worked flawlessly. From the government and medical sectors to corporate clients of all sizes, our broad base of experience leaves us well-equipped to understand how to best address your needs. When fibre simply won’t do, find out more about how microwaves can make the difference.

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