Introducing Gigabit Wireless Backhaul Solutions by Wave1


Gigabit wireless backhaul solutions – no need to rely on cabled networks.

In today’s world, most businesses that operate in multiple locations need to transmit data between sites, and they often choose a cabled solution, such as fibre optic. The problem with fibre optic networks is that when issues arise, they can be costly to fix because they require time-consuming excavation work to reach the underground cables. Fortunately, you can get around this issue by choosing gigabit wireless backhaul solutions, which offer exceptionally high transmission speeds over long distances.

Gigabit Wireless Backhaul Solutions

Tips Regarding Gigabit Wireless Backhaul Solutions

At Wave1, we supply and install 80 GHz and 20 Gbps wireless backhaul networks for a broad range of clients. You can use these systems to communicate with and transmit data to buildings many kilometres away. If you choose us to install your microwave communication solution, whether you’re a medical institution or a state government, you can feel confident problems are unlikely to arise. Nevertheless, here are a few pointers regarding 80 GHz wireless backhaul:

  • Position dishes correctly: It’s true that microwaves can’t pass through solid objects, but that needn’t be an issue. We can address this problem by bouncing signals between nodes that bypass anything that could cause interference or data latency.
  • Select a frequency that minimises interference: Provided you choose licensed microwave links, interference is unlikely ever to be a problem because only your organisation can send signals using your frequency. We can also install unlicensed microwave links for those that don’t have the time or resources to obtain the required permission from the relevant authorities.
  • Choose an experience microwave communications installer: The best tip we can offer regarding 20Gbps and 80GHz wireless backhaul solutions is to make sure you trust a highly reputable company to install yours. We’ve been in business for over three decades, and we’ve worked for some of the biggest names in the nation as well as government departments. Want to partner with a supplier and installer of licensed microwave links that won’t let you down? Choose Wave1.

Related Services We Provide to Gigabit Wireless Backhaul Solutions

Here’s a brief overview of the products and services we provide at Wave1:

  • Licensed microwave links: If you need to ensure fully private and secure communications then, you require a licensed microwave link. We can liaise with the relevant authorities on your behalf to obtain the license.
  • Unlicensed microwave links: Because you don’t need a permit to install and use an unlicensed microwave communications solution, they’re more affordable to install and faster to set up.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance: Issues with your network can lead to business downtime and potentially disastrous situations if you operate a medical facility. You’ll be glad to know that we offer a 24/7 line monitoring service, allowing us to restore your solution to full functionality in no time at all.

About Wave1

We’ve been one of Australia’s leading suppliers and installers of gigabit wireless backhaul solutions for over 30 years, and we always remain at the cutting-edge of new technologies to ensure we can offer an exceptional service offering. Call your local office to book a consultation, and we’ll arrange a site visit at a time that works with your schedule.