Communications Towers


Communication Towers

Achieving Adequate Microwave Coverage through Bespoke Communications Towers

Communications towers form the backbone of reliable microwave systems.

Achieving proper coverage and ensuring consistent up time for reliably fast throughput are essentials tasks for wireless data systems. As you explore how to meet your needs in these areas, take care to explore the available options for this critical infrastructure.

Communication Towers

The Most Common Mistakes Made Regarding Communications Towers

Although communications towers seem simple enough, just as much care must go into their planning as the systems they will serve. During the planning and design phases of your project, take care to avoid common pitfalls such as:

  • Missing the opportunity to plan for potential future developments that could impede the efficacy of a tower. Remember, LOS is critical for regular transmission; don’t erect towers that might encounter near-term obstructions.
  • Choosing an installation without regard for the need to physically withstand the test of time. Quality build materials are critical for lower maintenance and higher longevity.

A proven professional partner can contribute the insight necessary to implement communications towers that will serve excellently in their intended role.

Why Your Communications Towers Are So Important

Longevity for the tower itself is critical, but there are other crucial aspects to consider as well. What makes your towers such an integral part of an IT and communications setup? Some of the reasons include:

  • Towers provide adequate coverage through a clear LOS, ensuring that microwave systems have the best operating conditions possible.
  • They represent a long-term investment in your operation. A tower needs to work not only today but far into the future as well.

At Wave1, we have a long track record of success developing and deploying high-speed wireless data systems for many diverse clients. With staff members who can claim more than two decades of hands-on experience, we understand not only the hardware side of the equation but the importance of infrastructure as well. Lean on our experience in quickly and reliably constructing the correct communications towers; contact us today for further details.