Choose Wave1 for Your Wireless Backhaul Solution

Transmit substantial quantities of data between buildings with wireless backhaul Do you operate in multiple locations with the need to transmit data between them all Backhaul microwave solutions make network maintenance simple With a wireless backhaul link, you don’t need to rely on systems... ... read more.

Optimise Building Point to Point Communication with a Wireless Solution

Make data latency a thing of the past with building point to point communication Many organisations that operate from multiple locations use a cabled network solution for communications between sites Unfortunately, such systems can experience data latency issues due to bandwidth problems and... ... read more.

Introducing Gigabit Wireless Backhaul Solutions by Wave1

Gigabit wireless backhaul solutions – no need to rely on cabled networks In today’s world, most businesses that operate in multiple locations need to transmit data between sites, and they often choose a cabled solution, such as fibre optic The problem with fibre optic networks is that when... ... read more.

Wireless Data Communication by Wave1 Explained

Eliminate disruptions to your network with wireless data communication How many times have you experienced problems with your fibre optic solution Issues can arise for all sorts of reasons, including loss of connectivity, damage to underground cables and lack of bandwidth Fortunately, you can... ... read more.

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Improve communication between buildings with our quality microwave links Do you need to communicate between multiple locations instantly without having to worry about data latency or cable issues If so, you might be interested in learning more about our microwave communication link in Australia,... ... read more.

Trust Wave1 to Supply and Install your Wireless Point to Point Link

Make instant and clear communication simple with a wireless point to point link At Wave1, we’re an experienced supplier and installer of wireless microwave data transfer technology, and our unlicensed microwave backhaul is one of our most popular products because you don’t need a permit to... ... read more.

Exploring the Potential Value in Deploying Point To Point Microwave Link Systems for Your Business in Australia

For businesses, a point to point microwave link can be revolutionary Others can benefit, too Educational institutions, Mine Sites, hospitals, and many more operations can all unlock the next generation of networking through microwave point to point systems Consider two office campuses for the... ... read more.

Can Microwave Transmission Data Links Provide an Edge to Your Business in Australia?

Consider this: microwave data links can rival fibre's dependability While a direct physical connection between locations is often the ideal for the most high-speed data transmission available, it isn't always a viable option Remote locations may not have fibre access, and running new cabling may... ... read more.

Using Microwave Radio Links to Connect Offices Through Wireless Communications

For challenging network expansions, consider microwave data links For businesses, industrial operations, and even local councils, fast and effective communications are the bedrock on which all daily activities rest Whether it is enabling conferences between teams located in different buildings,... ... read more.

Communication Towers

Achieving Adequate Microwave Coverage through Bespoke Communications Towers Communications towers form the backbone of reliable microwave systems Achieving proper coverage and ensuring consistent up time for reliably fast throughput are essentials tasks for wireless data systems As you... ... read more.

Lightning Fast Communication with Microwave Radio Link Equipment

Connect multiple sites effortlessly with microwave link equipment For businesses that need to coordinate across several locations at the same time, conventional approaches to communication can be cumbersome and unreliable With Wave1’s microwave link equipment, you have a dedicated connection... ... read more.

Enhance Your Wireless Connectivity with Microwave Link Installation

Get interference-free connections with a microwave link installation In today’s industries, keeping in contact is more important than ever Fortunately, there are more effective and innovative ways to ensure that your communication happens no matter the conditions Benefits of Microwave Link... ... read more.

Revolutionise Your Business with Microwave Networks in Australia

Microwave networks in Australia can do wonders for your business The best way to improve your business’s communications is to embrace the wireless functionality of microwave networks Australian businesses can reap great rewards and increase both consistency and efficiency What You Can Expect... ... read more.

Maximise Efficiency with Wireless Point to Multipoint Microwave Solutions

Untether your business with point to multipoint microwave solutions Point to multipoint microwave solutions provide your business with the tools necessary to network multiple sites with a stable, reliable, and interference-free connection that is not dependent on costly fibre fees Common... ... read more.