About Us

Wave1 are a Wireless Microwave Communications Solutions Provider. We provide customers with a bespoke solution to wirelessly connect their organisations spread over multiple sites. This may be for an Administration office to connect to its Warehouse, a Mine to have Communications throughout its site, a hospital to connect to its radiology building, or a council to connect its depot and library to the main council LAN network. We are a full solutions provider, being able to accurately check for Line of Site, Network Design, Infrastructure manufacturing, and holding stock of a variety of Microwave Radio systems on hand. We offer a full Private Turn Key High Speed WAN network to customers as an alternative to fibre and other traditional communications. With our solutions, customers own their own network equipment and no long need to pay exorbitant annual communications fees. We regularly and consistently work with the ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) to ensure our networks meet all requirements and regulations.

Providing customers with High Speed Wireless Communications for Data, Voice and CCTV, has been our focus for over 30 Years. Established in 1985 with humble beginnings as a computer and network component reseller & service center, the company realised there was a requirement for alternatives to traditional building to building communications. With a few names changes along the way, the core staff have been with Wave1 for many years, and in the Wireless Microwave Communications Industry for decades. We pride ourselves on our best asset, and that is our staff, knowledge, experience and history we all hold together as one team. We all hold our companies mission to a high standard every day.

“To provide Wireless Microwave Communication Solutions for customers that work effectively, consistently and to the very best of its ability” We make sure every system we install is of the highest of standards as is our workmanship and the service we provide”

Our systems range from 20Gbps through to 2Mbps systems, licensed, unlicensed and self-coordinated licensed, the variety and product range is extensive, truly allowing customers to create a personalised private system. Carrier grade solutions at a fraction of the cost. Our Mobile Solar Trailer allows Mine and Green Field sites solid communications throughout.

With Offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, as well as close reseller partners in Far North Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania, Wave1 are available to assist every time, nation wide.